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kain&aber shout out loud: "hey you!"

hey you

STIR1542: kain & aber "hey you" e.p.
/ original / ian pooley remix
/ c-rock remix / lovefreak

/ cover /

stir15 is back with a killer release hitting the hearts of deep house lovers again! with amazing remixes by ian pooley and stir15 head c-rock. the soundcloud promo page for "hey you" more than received 4000(!) plays! check some of the promo-feedback we received: "original & c-rock mixes are the ones for me - i'm all over this!" (hector romero, new york). "one of the best records of the year for me. Hard to pick a favorite here. all three of the original tracks are golden!" (jeff craven / large, chicago). "brilliant remix from ian pooley, excellent e.p.! definitely gonna play and chart this!" (llorca, Perpignan). "the original is great, ian pooley and c-rock mix also. thank you!" (maceo plex / maetrik). "superbe release, will play it!" (peter kruder, vienna). "the original and c-rock remix sounding great to me. peaktime stuff that i'm sure will work nicely on the dancefloor." (jimpster / freerange, london). "yes, magnifique release!! thx a lot will defo play it!" (jef k / silvernetwork, paris). "into pooley's remix, nice one!" (d'julz / ovum, paris). "really nice, sounding amazing!" (rainer trüby, freiburg). "awesome record! original mix for me. c-rock mix and lovefreak are also wicked!" (tim green).

have you ever been motorcitysouled?


STIR15-CD8: motorcitysouled - selected remixes
/ 01 tiger stripes "beach buggy"
/ 02 a:xus "suite disappointment"
/ 03 ed davenport "eye speak"
/ 04 m.v.i.p. "mvip theme"
/ 05 kids in the streets "keep on turning"
/ 06 dirt crew "manouvres"
/ 07 kruse & nuernberg "drenched"
/ 08 solomun & stimming "eiszauber"
/ 09 johannes heil "seeded"
/ 10 david k "incoming"
/ 11 clara hill "nowhere... I can go"

/ cover /

matthias vogt and christian "c-rock" rindermann form the deephouse syndicate motorcitysoul. two djs and producers present their first selection of remixes that have been released between 2004 and 2010. the "remix" is one of their favourite dishes so it's no wonder that more than 30 artists or labels have asked for a motorcitysoul remix treatment since the duo joined forces in 2004. so far artists like chez damier, ian pooley, abdullah ibrahim, brett johnson, solomun & stimming, and johannes heil have ordered the extra motorcitysoul polish and their remixes have found their way to labels like cocoon, dessous, freerange, liebedetail and junior boys own/defected. every motorcitysoul remix has its own vibe and is meant to respect the idea behind the original track. motorcitysoul merge their trademark sounds and styles with the original track. vogt and rindermann communicate in a musical way with the original artist. their unique style is built on the combination of the studied jazz piano player matthias vogt and christian "c-rock" rindermann's almost 20 years of experience in sound & production. the two really incorporate the flavour and sounds of the originals they've remixed and acchieve individual sound aesthetics for every remix they do. thus almost any track can be turned into a motorcitysoul remix ... it can be "motorcitysouled"

colour harmonies out now... buy it here!

colour harmonies

STIR15-CD7: various artists "colour harmonies"
/ 01 westpark unit "music"
/ 02 glissando bros. "man on the moon"
/ 03 motorcitysoul "cipher" (jay shepheard remix #2)
/ 04 c-rock "rawsen" (nacho marco remix)
/ 05 alex santos feat djazzy "the look into your eyes"
/ 06 jussie pekka "itapala"
/ 07 c-rock "deep in the green"
/ 08 c-rock "i say it" (stripped down to the bone edit)
/ 09 c-rock "seasons : summer"
/ 10 glance "range"
/ 11 glance & marlene johnson "everyday" (original)

/ cover / backside / booklet

we turn your living room into the coolest lounge spot. musically and visually - with the help of designer and interiour mastermind lars contzen and his colour courage concept. this is a fine selection of our best listening pearls that have been released over the last 10 years on stir15. the cd includes tracks and remixes by the stir15 main players like motorcitysoul, the glissando bros, glance and c-rock as well as nacho marco, jay shepheard, westpark unit or alex santos.

our cooperation with lars contzen started quite some time ago when lars was looking for cool soundtracks to support his "making of" videos and web pages. we soon found out that we speak the same language in terms of taste and harmonies. after several joint ventures lars brought up the idea to get all this together on one cd, the whole package... music, visuals, design and of course all in harmony. all tracks have been remastered (some of them very extreme!) and slightly edited to have a pefect listening build up. the feedback we received is overwhelming, it turns out that this nice little cd is a real must have. the cd is a limited edition and available through selected outlets only. if you hurry up you can buy some of the last copies here on - so rather be quick ;)

buy it online here!
if you have a paypal account simply click the link and get your colour harmonies cd for 13,90 euro (shipping: 3 euro germany / 5 euro internat.)

brett johnson & c-rock step into the arena

STIR1540 c-rock & brett johnson "bassmatic" (nov 2010)
/ original / marc poppcke remix / kruse & nürnberg remix

c-rock & brett johnson definitely know a thing or two about house music. they have been around since the mid '90s, delivering guaranteed deepness every time - c-rock mainly on his own stir15 & lofi stereo imprits. here they return in tow for a strong 12" of deep grooves. the whole deal is made even sweeter with remixes by freerange regular, marc poppcke and fellow deep bods about town, kruse & nurnberg (phonica 11/2010)

dj & media feedback: bomb!!! had this already and love it - soo good! classic! (seth troxler) / fun, happy, groovy stuff! will play a lot! (laurent garnier) / feeling it! (satoshi tomiie) / super release! bravo les amis... will play this week end for sure... bisous" (jef k) / two of my favourite producers drop the bomb simultaneously. all about the original for me! (paul woolford) / superb release. original and remix of kruse and nuernberg are going straight into my case! (robert dietz) / big! will play it for sure! (reboot) / will play the original! but the kruse & nuernberg remix is also nice! (steve bug) / sweet release! will play for sure. original mix for me (tim green)

c-rock's milestone back for good!

STIR15-CD1 c-rock "track & feel" (digital release march 2010)
/ 01 fine time (feat. clair dietrich) / 02 seasons:summer
/ 04 pheedback / 05 i say it (original) / 06 biscaya beach bum
/ 07 shoppers universe / 09 i say it (stripped down to the bone)

one of the records of the last century and one that effects djs and producer even today - more than ten years after the first release! alongside early playhouse and kompakt releases c-rock's "track & feel" was the starting point for many djs and producers and defined a very own housesound made in germany. influenced by 90s us & uk house but with a very own handwriting c-rock created a milestone by accident. "track & feel" tunes are still played by djs like ricardo villalobos, raresh, chris tietjen and even sven vaeth. check out the mp3 snipplets above to get a better a picture of what this was and is all about. a click on the cover forwards you to the beatport release. the vinyl edition is heavily sought after and depending on your feedback we are thinking about repressing it, too. if you scroll down this page you will also find all track & feel tunes in our >>> whatpeople-player

motorcitysoul remixed by sascha dive & jay shepheard

STIR1537 motorcitysoul "cipher" (march 2010)
/ sascha dive remix / matthias vogt mix
/ c-rock dub / jay shepheard remix

the motor, the city and the soul return to one of the longest running deephouse labels on the planet. with almost 40 releases and still kicking and keeping vinyl alive this release is no exception. matthias vogt & c-rock join forces again and present a heavy loaded package of deep house. with sascha dive and jay shepheard we got two men of the moment to remix cipher. dive's remix is built on driving beats and develops big time floor potential. vogt re-arranged cipher into an epic musical master piece that incorporates his piano skills. stir15 label head c-rock strips the whole thing down to a deep and tripped out dub and jay shepheard follows his last releases and delivers a stellar deep tech-house groover. a box full of house in different blends. after satoshi tomiie's back to basics this is another amazing release that already made big waves on housefloors around the globe.

dj & media feedback: like it a lot and will play it for sure! (karotte) / loving all the mixes but sascha's mix just pips it - no nonsense beats. great stuff! (jimpster) / c-rock mix for me, great dub, straight in da box! also like the jay shepheard mix (steve bug) / super release! playing sascha's remix in heavy rotation (nick curly) / great package! favourites are c-rock and sasha dive remix! solid! (kruse & nürnberg) / matthias vogt's mix for me... lovely breakdown, i dig! (rainer tüby) / sascha dive mix sounds sweet! (robert dietz)

satoshi tomiie meets motorcitysoul

STIR1538 satoshi tomiie "back 2 basics" (feb 2010)
/ original version / motorcitysoul basic mix
/ motorcitysoul remix / motorcitysoul wild pitch

what a start into 2010. tokyos mega house hero satoshi tomiie is making his debut on stir15 with big time support from keepers of the house motorcitysoul. originally planned digital only on new york based saw recordings satoshi, hector and c-rock decided to license the original & remixes also to stir15 to keep vinyl alive and all vinyl djs and lovers in the loop! the music speaks for itself. fat house with oldskool elements but not sounding anachronistic at all. a sure shot for all house and tech-house heads and a very welcome relief from the current nonpersonal toolhouse releases out there. keep vinyl alive - we take you back to basics!

dj & media feedback: i really like this release - will play! (laurent garnier) / satoshi tomiie mes mix: love it! (joe t vannelli) / original and wildpitch are killer. love both (seth troxler) / dope remixes... will chart and play (radio slave) / motorcitysoul remix for me (danny tenaglia) / loving the motorcitysoul mix (bushwacka) / motorcitysoul mixes all the way! dope (brett johnson) / satoshi tomiie mix for me! great acapella versions by motorcitysoul! (joris voorn) / motorcitysoul basic mix is the one i will play! (d'julz) / all good! great mixes (brothers' vibe)

vincenzo, the glissando bros & c-rock remastered!

STIR1539 "lost tracks volume one" (april 2010)
/ superlova "something on my mind" (vincenzo rmx)
/ mineral music "live my life" (glissando bros. rmx)
/ lazar "and this is her smiling" (c-rock rmx)
/ lazar "and this is her smiling" (c-rock dub)

after digging for the original tapes in our wine cellar like basement chambers the last couple of months we are happy to announce the first volume of our "lost tracks" series. There has been so many requests to repress these beauties that we couldn't hold them back any longer. All four tunes are freshly remastered and speak for themselves. vincenzo, steve bug and c-rock in hi form and all long before the good old deutschmark was traded in for the new and shiny euro.

dj & media feedback: glissando remix und c's dub are my faves! (loco dice) / solid release, almost impossible to choose between all but i'd say vincenzo & c-rock are my favourites (shade/polyphonics) / tasty! vincenzo's take is spitze! also dig c-rock's dub (rainer trüby) / yes! solid package - vincenzo and c-rock remixes are dope! full support (jesus gonsev / troubled kids madrid) / something on my mind has a great vibe! (robert owens) / the c-rock dub is very nice! will play this one (jackmate) / nice ep, c-rock dub for me (federico molinari / oslo records) / love it - fantastic! play on ibiza global radio! (jose maria ramon / ibiza global radio) / lovely stuff as always. will play the gliss bros remix and c-rock's dub which reminds me of old prescription or balance recordings - ace! (paul woolford)

c-rock, nacho marco and nic fanciulli serve it bloody raw!

STIR1536 c-rock "rawsen" (june 2009)
/ original / nacho marco remix / nic fanciulli remix

the rock is back on the track: c-rock is one half of german deephouse-duo motorcitysoul that brought gems to you like "keep on turning (feat. chez damier)", "mbali" or "aura". simple music released the highly rated "technique" album by motorcitysoul in 2008 incl. the ovasoul joint "change you". it seems like there is not much time left for c-rock to do much more, however he found the time to produce a heavy oldschool hommage with a massive raw flavour. nacho marco (loudeast/valencia) and nic fanciulli (also known for his striking skylark project) delivered two amazing remixes and made that package complete ranging from deep and groovy over fat and raw to crazy and stripped down sounds. .

dj & media feedback: deep and dirty and it's rollin'. will play it! (loco dice) / lovin it ... keep singing 'just a illusion' (terry farley) / nice one! will drop the original and the faciulli remix (robert dietz) / feeling nic's mix here, cool stuff sir and in the box! (leigh morgan) / excellent stuff, I'm jacking my body to fanciulli's remix' (neil quigley) / really like the tracks! beautiful! will play the nic fanciulli remix! thanks a lot! (ida engberg) / nic fanciulli mix. i like it. perfect for my set! (toni rios)

stir15 recordings is a house label and wants to keep vinyl alive. as much as we see the beauty of playing out mp3s and cds we still dj vinyl and love it. the sound, the feeling, the convenience. vinyl cannot crash and doesn't need to reboot. cdjs sound not nice at all and even more: they don't look sexy! therefore we'll try to release as much vinyl as possible and continue doing so for the near future. as this means a lot of expenses compared to digi-only-labels we encourage everybody to buy and play vinyl as often as possible and support us. of course you should not hesitate to browse, click & buy our music in the below standing whatpeopleplayer ;)

about stir15

stir15 was founded in 1994 by christian (c-rock) rindermann and nelson machado. stir15 is all about classic deephouse productions with a lil bit of soul here and some dub influences there. the label played a major role in the rise of deephousemusic "made in germany" and brought up projects like motorcitysoul (c-rock & matthias vogt), the glissando bros (nelson machado, marko bussian and clair dietrich), glance & second life (aka thorsten scheu of running back) and boobjazz (needs). stir15 looks back on releases and remixes by artists like chez damier vs. motorcitysoul (kids in the streets), chris duckenfield/swag, chris gray, jimpster, phonique, sascha dive, westpark unit, vincenzo, marvin dash, lars and marek bartkuhn (boobjazz/needs) and even a release by house veteran satoshi tomiie. the release output was reduced after the crash of stir15 cd-distributor efa medien (sic!). stir15 is exclusively distributed by wordandsound.

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